French Lily tablecloth - 110 cm wide table or less

French Lily tablecloth - 110 cm wide table or less

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    Color: White
    Pattern: French Lily – Fleur de lis
    Material: 100 % jacquard woven cotton
    Table width: Recommended for tables up to 90 cm wide
    Size: All sizes are post wash and shrinkage
    Wash & care: Read more
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    Fleur de Lis

    A white and elegant tablecloth made of 100 % cotton woven in a classic French Lily woven pattern.
    We take pride in honoring traditions, and this beautiful tablecloth makes a perfect table setting with its simple and timeless style. 

    The size of the tablecloth depends on the amount of drop length you prefer all the way around. However, we always recommend to start by measuring the width of your table and add a minimum of 40 cm extra, to end up with a 20 cm drop length on each side. 

    Should you need a different size, we are happy to take your order. Simply contact us at or call us on +45 33 33 08 30.


    Our tablecloth is woven on a jacquard loom, which is characterized by fine and tightly woven bolts of fabric. The jacquard weave creates a contrast with a delicate sheen and a mat backside that forms beautiful designs in the tablecloth. The French Lily – Fleur de Lis is an old and sophisticated look.

    The given measurements include shrinkage. We always recommend washing before use to ensure the perfect fit. 
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