Anna Nightshirt – Pinstriped blue-white
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Anna Nightshirt – Pinstriped blue-white

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Color: White
Pattern: Pinstripe
Material: Egyptian Cotton Sateen Weave
Style: Unisex
Weight: 110 g/m2
Size guide: Here
Wash & Maintenance: Here
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Anna in The Soft Sateen Weave - white

Geismars unisex nightshirt in white is a true classic in a simple and comfortable cut. A perfect alternative to the traditional two-piece pajamas. 

The Anna nightshirt has a cozy fit, made from pure Egyptian cotton in a sateen weave. This combination gives a light and airy nightshirt – a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality.

A nightshirt of Egyptian long fiber cotton in sateen weave creates the ideal conditions for a great night’s sleep. It is a material of durability and lightness which allows the body to breathe freely. 


The Anna nightshirt is basic and well-designed. It has a simple collar with a lovely classic piped trim. The cozy fit with subtle side-slits and soft half sleeves gives you a great start on a good night’s sleep. 

The sizing fits regular size guides but can seem slightly larger than everyday clothing. This is just right. 
You sleep a lot better at night with nightwear that does not tighten around your body. Always choose the larger size when shopping for your next nightwear. 
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