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Most of our home furnishing textiles are made in a simple and classic design, ensuring that both bedding and homewear look as great as they last. Some designs are more than 100 years old, while others are new and combine timeless classics with tomorrow’s needs in the subtlest way.



Bed linen is at our very heart at Geismars. We believe that everything we sleep in, should be light and support your movement ease as you sleep. What we choose to sleep in can be light or heavy, as long as it is made of the best fibers. Just like all our products.  Our duvet covers are designed with traditional ribbon-tie cotton closure, suitable for laundering at high temperatures and ready for ironing and folding. Cotton ribbons shrink alongside the cover and this ensures that your bedding and seams will stay in shape, wash after wash.



Our duvet cover has a standardized bottom closure. But you can also choose a cover with side closure that makes it possible to turn the cover. This protects the fabric and prolongs its lifetime expectancy. If you want a different size or closure, e.g. buttons, we add an additional price of 20%. We can accommodate almost any inquiries on special measurements – and we produce both German, Swedish, British and American measurements on demand. Please contact us for more information on info@geismars.dk



A.F. Geismar, son of our founder C.F. Geismar, was the principal of Denmark’s Textile Trade School and an expert within weaving techniques. His book, “Bindingslære” (Interlacement) from 1929 is still available at greater antiquaries shops – and is still named a benchmark for teachings within weaving and textile production at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and in the Design School of Kolding.