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Please contacts us by e-mail: info@geismars.dk or telephone: +45 33 33 08 30 if you experience any problems shopping on our website.


Geismars Væverier A/S' sales conditions

  1. How to order at Geismars
  2. Prices
  3. Cancellation
  4. Payment
  5. Our guarantee
  6. Right of return
  7. Any questions


No binding agreement has been made with Geismars before you receive a confirmation from us of the order that you have made.

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All prices are listed in Danish Kroner and include 25 % Danish VAT. The Danish VAT will be deducted, if our goods are sent outside the EU. The price which is indicated at the time of ordering is the price that is valid.

We reserve the right to adjustments in case of:

Exchange rate changes
Force majeure
Failing delivery from our suppliers
Change of taxes
Sold out situations
Printing errors

Danish VAT
As a customer outside the EU you are not obligated to pay Danish VAT if the order is shipped and invoiced to an address outside the EU.

The Danish VAT will not be deducted from the listed prices on the website. However, it will be deducted after you have selected invoice and delivery country and show on the order confirmation. To qualify for deduction of VAT both countries should by outside the EU.


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If you wish to cancel an already confirmed order, please send us an e-mail marked “Cancellation”. Here you also need to state the time of ordering and the order number.

If you have received an order confirmation from us via email, you can return it writing “Cancellation” in the subject line. Cancellations must be done before 15 pm on the day the order has been given.

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You are welcome to pay cash on delivery (only inside Denmark), or using the following credit cards when you order online:

Dankort/Visa-Dankort (1,45 DKK + 0,10% of purchase)

Visa (1,95 DKK + 3,75% of purchase)

Visa Electron (Dansk) (0,70 DKK + 1,25% of purchase)

MasterCard (Dansk) (0,70 DKK + 1,25% of purchase)

Visa Electron (International) (1,95 DKK + 3,75% of purchase)

MasterCard (International) (1,95 DKK + 3,75% of purchase) 

JCB Cards (1,95 DKK + 3,75% of purchase)


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We will take back defected products within the first 2 years after acquisition. Some products have a 15 year guarantee. These guarantees will be marked separately on the product.

In case you receive a defected product you must notice Geismars within reasonable time after receiving the goods.

We strongly advice our customers to describe the defect of the product in connection to the claim, as omission can extend the case.

Receipts including price and time of acquisition must be included when returning defected products.

Geismars does not accept goods send back “cash on delivery” or without postage.

If goods are sent back to Geismars without being defected, the goods will be returned to the customer.

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When ordering via telephone or Internet you have 14 days right of return. This means that Geismars will pay back the full amount of any faultless product deducting the price of postage.

The right of return runs from the day the product has been handed over to you, to the day you return it via mail or in Geismars' store.

The only condition which must be met in order to use the right of return is that goods must be handed back in the same condition as when they were received by the customer.

If the goods are not handed back in the same condition, Geismars will estimate a sales value and repay the estimated amount excluding postage to the customer.

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In case you have any questions to the above or other matters of relevance to Geismars, please write to us at info@geismars.dk or call us at + 45 33 33 08 30.

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