Bellevue Bath Towels – Natural white

Bellevue Bath Towels – Natural white

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Bellevue Bath Towels – Natural white          
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Color: Natural white
Material: Organic Cotton Terry
Type: Long loops, borderless
Weight: 600 g/m2
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A soft white terry cotton dream

Geismars’ perfectly soft towels are made of 100 % organic cotton terry with long loops for extra softness. The towels match our bath mat and bathrobe in the same collection, for a beautiful bathroom style. The long loops are especially suitable for extra soft towels and the suction capacity is unique.

Out terry cotton series is the result of craftsmanship focusing on quality of the material, functionality and a timeless bathroom look. They only grow softer after each wash. 

The Bellevue bath towels set contains of 5 sizes in white, a light steel grey and dark cool grey. The classic colors go well together and fit into every bathroom, creating a lavish spa feeling in your own home.



All towels are made without a border to make sure they’ll shrink evenly all the way through. We always recommend you wash new towels before use for a couple of reasons:

Cotton is a natural fiber with high absorbency. It contains a kind of natural ‘cotton wax’ or ‘cotton oil’ that needs to be washed out before use to ensure the best possible suction capacity. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to rinse out any leftover spin oil from production. 

Terry is made of loops that can be very loose. They bind after washing as the fabric shrinks and takes its final form after the 3rd or 4th wash. 
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