Terms & conditions

Please contacts us by e-mail: info@geismars.dk or telephone: +45 33 33 08 30 if you experience any problems shopping on our website.

Returning goods 

Christmas terms:

All orders placed before 24th of December 2021 can be swapped to something else until the end of January 2022. If you wish to return your order,you must bring or attach a receipt or invoice. 

There are 3 ways you can return goods:

1. You can deny receiving the product when it arrives by mail and request that the delivery service return it to us.

2. You can receive the goods and thereafter return it to us within 14 days after receipt. In this case we ask you to include a copy of your receipt as documentation of the products has been bought at Geismars. Please mark the parcel “Return of goods”.

3. You can return the good at the store with in 14 days.

Address for returning goods:

Geismars Væverier A/S
Store Strandstræde 21
DK-1255 Copenhagen K

The value of the parcel excluding postage will thereafter be lodged into the account it has been paid from. All expences regarding the return of goods are to be covered by the customer.

Geismars will not accept returned products sent back “cash on delivery” or without postage.

All products returned to Geismars must be wrapped properly.


When ordering via telephone or Internet you have 14 days right of return. This means that Geismars will pay back the full amount of any faultless product deducting the price of postage.

The right of return runs from the day the product has been handed over to you, to the day you return it via mail or in Geismars' store.

The only condition which must be met in order to use the right of return is that goods must be handed back in the same condition as when they were received by the customer.

If the goods are not handed back in the same condition, Geismars will estimate a sales value and repay the estimated amount excluding postage to the customer.

All expences regarding the return of goods are to be covered by the customer.


Do you wish to swap your product to something else, we kindly ask you to follow the steps described above; 'returning of goods' and please add a description of how you want to proceed.