Duck Down Duvet – Extra warm
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Duck Down Duvet – Extra warm

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    Filling: 100 % Muscovy Duck Down
    Size & Weight: See Description
    Type: extra warm
    Carrying Capacity: +16
    Ticking: German Fine Down Batiste (74g/m2)
    Seam: Baffle box
    Certification: Nomite – Secure for Dust Mite Allergies
    Guarantee: 10 Years
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    The Mild Muscovy Down - All season

    The gentle down of the Muscovy duck are great for a down duvet. The small soft barbs on the down give the filling a cohesive and airy texture, making the duvet light with a good thermal insulation.    

    Geismars only use down from grown animals to ensure both animal welfare and a duvet filling in pristine condition. The duvet has a carrying capacity of 13+ that gives it an unparalleled thermal insulation all year round. 

    Fill Weight:
    140 x 200 cm 550 grams
    140 x 220 cm 600 grams
    200 x 220 cm 850 grams
    240 x 220 cm 975 grams


    Geismars Muscovy duck down duvet is carefully sewn in baffle boxes to keep the down in place. At Geismars, you receive a 10-year guarantee for down shifts by purchase. For maintenance, remember to daily shuffle your duvet and air it out once a week. In that way, your duvet stays fresh and insulated all night through for many years to come.  

    As the down are large and light, we only use the lightest and softest ticking material to ensure the smoothest drape around your body. The all-season duvet is sewn with channel walls to fit more soft filling and to keep insulation at its best. 
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