Geismars hættelagen lærredsvævet

Geismars Basic Fitted Sheet – Natural White

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    Colour: White
    Material: Egyptian Cotton Percale Weave
    Type: Fitted Sheet
    Height: 18-24 cm
    Weight: 130 g/m2
    Wash & Maintenance: Read more
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    The Art of Percale in a fitted sheet

    Geismars fitted sheet is carefully sewn from Egyptian cotton with a classic percale weave. It is designed and shaped to fit a spring mattress or box mattress with the height of 18-24 cm.

    The combination of the strong and crisp percale weave, the long-stapled Egyptian cotton fibres and the durable construction makes for a sheet of the highest quality. A soft and long-lasting sheet that allows your skin to breathe every night. 

    If you want a smooth look for your bed, the fitted sheet is perfect for covering a both the classic mattress or the mattress with an added top mattress. You can also sleep directly in the sheets if you prefer the mattress without top layers. 
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    The sheet is flat and elegantly simple with a firm fold around the top mattress with elastic corner bands. The design is even all the way around its edges to make it easier for turning direction every time it is used. In that way, the sheet is worn equally on all sides and can last for longer. 

    The white cotton percale weave is simply a classic, a favourite choice in high class hotels world-wide. Create your own luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom with exclusive Egyptian cotton sheets with the crisp percale weave. 

    The given measurements include shrinkage. We always recommend washing the sheets before use to ensure the perfect fit. The sheet will take its final size after 2-3 washes. See our collection of sheets here. 
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