Grey Square Throw
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Grey Square Throw

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1.995,00 DKK

Size: 130 x 195 cm
Color: Anthracite grey, light grey, sand
Pattern: Squares
Material: 100 % first cut lambswool
Weight: 220 g/m2
Wash & care: Dry-clean only
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Denne plaid er lavet af 100% finkæmmet lammeuld på grund af uldens finhed og krusning. Ulden er first cut lambs wool, som Geismars wool throws are made of 100 % first cut fine-grained lambswool, because of the unique fineness and ripple of the wool. The wool comes from a lamb’s first shearling, is very fine and soft and requires minimal processing. It is known to be finer and softer than wool from the following cuts and produces a smooth, strong and flexible throw. 

The result is a very light and soft throw yet still warm and breathable. The fine lambswool helps your body regulate temperature.

The squared pattern displays different combinations of the colors anthracite grey, light grey and sand on the front- and backside. 


First cut lambswool makes a very fine and fragile fiber. Due to the natural surface texture of the fine wool fiber, one must expect felting and pilling to some extend. It is completely impossible to avoid by normal use, but of course it depends on how you use the product. However, use on course materials (e.g. a wool upholstered couch) can intensify it. This is why it is best used for throws, shawls and bedspreads. We recommend not sitting on it and keeping away from animals. 

Geismars’ first cut lambswool throws must always be treated by a professional dry cleaner.
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