Junior Pillow

Junior Pillow

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Filling: 100 % Muscovy Duck Down
Size: 45 x 40 cm
Weight: 75 g
Ticking: German Cotton Cambric (90 g/m2)
Certification: Nomite – Secure for Dust Mite Allergies
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Junior Pillow - soft and light

Geismars Junior Pillow is recommended for the little ones from 2 years and up – but this is entirely individual, based on the needs of your child. 

Every child has its own specific set of needs that can surprise you. They too feel a difference in fabric and comfort, and sleep has a great impact on their development. Duvets and pillows from Geismars are sewn in the highest quality to ensure an effortless freedom of movement and breathability. That is how we make sure your child gets the best sleep it possibly can.


As the junior pillow is filled with 100 % large Muscovy duck down of the best quality, we are able to use the thinnest and lightest ticking of soft cotton. We still however recommend using a pillow casing.
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