Neckroll pillow case

Neckroll pillow case

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    175,00 DKK
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    within Denmark on orders over 500,-

    Type: Pillow case
    Material: Egyptian Cotton Sateen Weave
    Size: 49 x 23 cm - fits our neckroll pillow
    Colors: Soft white, beige, soft blue, dark grey, soft green, rose
    Weight: 110 g/m2
    Wash & Care: Read more
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    The Soft Sateen Weave for you neckroll pillow

    Geismars Classic bed linen is carefully made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. The sateen weave has a cloud-like softness with a smooth and delicate sheen that drapes around you with elegance. 

    The pillow case fits our neckroll pillow and has a ribbon-tie closure in both ends.

    Its timeless look provides the bedroom with an elegant and subtle style lasting for years to come. True quality is something to enjoy for longer – and that is why Geismars only produce bed linen in timeless and classic colours. 

    This Geismars Classic bed linen is woven with a smooth surface and comes in different soft tones of pure cotton sateen.


    The neckroll pillow caser has a traditional ribbon-tie closure in both ends, suitable for laundering at high temperatures and ready for ironing and folding. 

    The given measurements include shrinkage. We always recommend washing the covers before use to ensure the perfect fit. 

    We always calculate shrinkage into our bolts of fabric as they would otherwise prove too small in time. The cover will take its final size after 2-3 washes. 
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