Sofa cushion

Sofa cushion

Worldwide delivery. Free shipping within Denmark on orders above DKK 500,-. 

95,00 DKK
Worldwide delivery. Free shipping 
within Denmark on orders over 500,-

Size: 40 x 40 cm
Color: White
Filling: Duck feathers
Weight: 270 g
Outer: 100 % cotton
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Sofa cushion – no cover

The cushion is filled with 100 % duck feathers, which makes a firm pillow suitable for a sofa cushion. The pillow is 40 x 40 cm and therefore fits perfectly with out sofa cushion cover in herringbone striped fine lambswool. 

The pillow has the perfect size and firmness to create a cozy environment in your living room. The pillow requires a casing that is sold separately. 


The fabric is made of 100 % cotton and since the filling is 100 % duck feather the pillow is washable. Just remember to use enzyme-free detergent and make sure it is completely dry all the way though, it might take a couple of hours. We recommend to add tennis balls in the dryer. 
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