US king size pillow - 90 x 50 cm - Firm medium fill
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US king size pillow - 90 x 50 cm - Firm medium fill

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Filling: 30 % Muscovy Duck Down 70 % Feather Blend Down
Size: 90 x 50 cm 
Fill Power: Medium – 550 grams
Carrying capacity: +9
Ticking: German Cotton Cambric (103g/m2)
Certification: Nomite – Secure for Dust Mite Allergies 
Guarantee: 2 Years on all Pillows
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Firm US king size pude – Medium fill

This pillow is a typical american king size pillow and the measures 90 x 50 cm which is equivalent to 20 x 36 inches. In the firm 3-chamber pillow, the filling is sectioned into 3 chambers in a layered construction. The middle chamber consists of 70 % feather blend while the outer layers consists of 30 % soft Muscovy duck down. This gives the pillow a great firmness and a comfortable neck support. 

One size does not fit all. If you are looking for a good, firm support under your head and neck, this pillow is for you. Its inner chamber of fine feathers makes the pillow firm and keeps it in shape all night through. 

The medium fill pillow holds 710 grams of filling. It is firm and fills the gap between the mattress and your head without sinking or losing its fluffiness. Because of its height and firmness, this pillow is especially fitting if you prefer to sleep on your side. 


A medium fill pillow suits the averagely built sleeper who favours sleeping on their side. 

Your sleeping position matters. As a side-sleeper, you need a higher pillow to fill out the gap between your mattress and head – as opposed to a classic back sleeping position. 

If you spend the night on a soft mattress, your pillow does not need to be as high and firm as when the mattress is hard. This pillow is particularly good for sleeping on hard mattresses when your body is more elevated.

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